Express e-Statements

Lighten the poor mailman's load with Express e-Statements. These secure online statements arrive sooner than by mail, save paper, and reduce the risk of fraud since there's no paper copy to find. They're accessible online so you can view them from any web-enabled computer no matter where you are. When it's time to balance your books, you can easily view them, and save them to our PC or disk drive. Save money and save a tree too. Besides, that mailman's got enough to carry.

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Express e-Statements
  • Receive statements sooner than by mail
  • Free to all customers
  • No paper copy reduces chance of identity theft
  • No filing hassles
  • Accessible online anytime
  • Look just like paper statements
  • View current and past statements
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Download/print easily

Go Green

Help with the "Go Green" initiative. Express e-Statements are friendly to our environment by saving trees, energy used during processing, and gas used in the deliveries.


What are e-Statements?

e-Statements are an electronic delivery of your monthly checking and savings statements. They can be retrieved online and are available the day after your statement is processed.

Will I receive images of my cleared checks with my e-Statement?

Yes, in fact, your e-Statement will look just like the statement you receive in the mail.

Is there a charge for e-Statements?

No. E-Statements are free! There is no cost to you to enjoy the convenience and security of electronic statements.

How do I sign up for e-Statements?

You can sign up for e-Statements by logging onto your online banking account (located on our home page) and completing the e-Statement self enrollment form under "Login or Sign Up" link on the home page or from the "e-Statements Login or Signup" link on the Express e-Statement information page. You may also visit any of our locations for assistance.

Once your enrollment is submitted you will receive an email asking you to confirm your enrollment. To confirm and complete the enrollment process click on the link contained in the email. You will sign in with the User ID and password you indicated during initial enrollment. If you were enrolled by the bank, you will use the User ID you requested and the temporary password the bank employee assigned for you. The service will prompt you to change your password, which must be 6-20 alpha-numeric characters. Once you submit the correct access information you will receive the e-Statement Disclosure and Agreement of Terms and Conditions. Once you agree to the terms and conditions and submit you will receive an indication that your enrollment is complete.

What information to I need to sign up?

The self-enrollment form online will ask you for certain information that matches what is on our system for the account(s) you are enrolling. First will be Country, followed by Last Name, Tax Identification Number, and the Zip Code + four. If the account is a joint account, this information must match the primary account holder's information. For this purpose, primary account holder means the first person listed on the account.

If I don't know my "+ four" extension of my zip code, where can I readily find it?

You can find it on your bank account statements, other mail you receive, or you can call the post office. You can also contact us.

What if my account is a business account?

If you are signing up a business account, use the Tax Identification Number on file for the account. For "Last Name" use the First Word of the Title of the Business used on the account. If the account is a DBA, use the last name of the owner.

What should I use for my User ID?

You can choose a User ID that is easy for you to remember. It must be a minimum of 6 alphabetic or numeric characters, but no more than 20.

What should I use for my password?

Your password must be between four (4) and eight (20) characters long, with at least one (1) number, and can be any combination of letters and numbers that are easy for you to remember. If you are a Georgia Express online banking or bill pay customer, you may use the same user ID and Password you use for these applications, or you may choose something different.

How do I change my password?

Once you have logged into the e-Statements web site you can change your password by clicking on the "Change Password" link.

Why does my e-Statement password need to be 4 to 20 alphanumeric characters?

The longer password is more secure for protecting your information than a four-digit number.

If I have other accounts with different primary names and titles, can I access the e-Statements for all accounts with one user ID and password?

Yes, by contacting a customer service representative at any of our locations. Let us know which accounts you would like linked and which User ID you would like to use.

How do I add any additional new accounts to my current e-Statement user ID?

Either at the time you open the account or at anytime you may contact a customer service representative to request a link of additional account(s) to your current User ID.

How do I change my email address?

For security reasons, you must submit a change request in writing to a Customer Service Representative at any of our locations, or you may complete a change form at the bank.

What if I forget my password?

You may click on the "Forgotten Password" link from the e-Statement login page and an email will be sent to the email address you have associated with your e-Statement account.

Are there any system requirements?

Yes, customers must have the following:

  • A computer with the ability to receive email with attachments
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher (can be downloaded for free at
  • A current web browser with 128-bit encryption
  • Internet Access
  • A printer capable of printing graphics and images, should you desire to print all or part of your e-Statement

How do I retrieve my e-Statement?

Once your e-Statement is available, you will be sent an email notifying you that your statement is ready to be viewed. To pick up your e-Statement logon to the e-Statement link and enter your confidential Identification Number and Password to login and retrieve the statement.

What is the program I should use for viewing and/or printing e-Statements?

Adobe Reader. Download it for free here.

How do I print my e-Statement?

After you've logged into the e-Statement website, select the statement you'd like to view or print by clicking the word "View" to the left of the date of the statement you would like to view. Click the Printer icon. The e-Statement will look exactly like the paper copy you are used to seeing.

What about the information on the back of my paper statements?

The disclosure information found on the back of each page of your paper statement is available for viewing by clicking on the "Back of Statement" button at the top of your e-Statement archive page.

How long will my statements be available online?

After you sign up, your e-Statements will be available for eighteen (18) months. If you need a statement generated and mailed to you for a previous period, contact customer service at 770-631-9488 or any at any of our locations. The fee for a paper copy of your statement is $5.00 per statement.

Can I save my e-Statements on my PC?

Yes. After you've logged into the e-Statement web site, select the statement you'd like to save by clicking the word "View" to the left of the date of the statement you would like to view. Create a folder on your hard drive where you would like to store your statements. Next, click File, Save As, give your file a name and save your statement to the designated folder you setup on your PC. You may also save is to an external drive or disc.

Is the e-Statement site secure?

Yes. The site is secured using SSL (secure socket layer) technology with 128-bit encryption.

Are the check images from e-Statements accepted by the IRS?

Yes. Federal law requires merchants, vendors, and the IRS to accept check images as proof of payment.

What if I didn't receive my e-Statement?

Contact customer service at 770-631-9488 or at any of our locations. Undeliverable emails could be the result of your email system routing it to a Spam or Junk email folder. If this is the case, be sure to change the settings indicating this is not Spam. It could also be the result of the bank not having your updated or correct email address. If your email address changes, it's important to notify the bank and submit a change request. Changing your email address in your online banking or bill pay will not change it in the e-Statement system.

Do I have to have online banking to use Express e-Statements?

No. e-Statements can be used separate from online banking. It can also be accessed from your online banking page.

Can I receive both e-Statements and paper statements?

No, once you enroll to receive e-Statements, paper statements for the accounts enrolled will be discontinued.

After enrolling, what if I decide I would rather have paper statements? Can I switch back?

Yes. However, we are certain that you won't want to go back, once you receiving your statements by e-Statement delivery we're certain you'll find it's fast, easy, and convenient. But if you decide you do not wish to receive an e-Statement you may cancel your e-Statement service at any time by providing us with written notice, or you may contact a customer service representative at any of our Locations.

May I re-enroll after canceling?

Yes, however please note that the archiving history will start over beginning with the next e-Statement you receive. Your previous e-Statement history will not be available.